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Aurora XB12Z Rod-End Bearing 3/4 Bore 7/8UNF Thread Male Left Hand

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Our Aurora XB12Z Rod-End Bearing, part of the XB-Series are a high strength Alloy, 3 piece, heavy duty joint. Suitable for high end applications, including motorsport.

Where is this used? The applications that Aurora XB12Z Rod-End Bearings are directly used for: Motorsport, Industrial, Transportation, other high end applications

Why Aurora XB12Z Rod-End Bearing? It’s durable, high strength construction creates a suitable alternative where heavy duty parts are required.


0.750 (3/4″) Bore  0.850 (7/8″) Thread

Thread Configuration:


Thread Type:

Left Hand UNF

Materials: Body – Carbon Steel, heat treated, protective coating for improved corrosion resistance (Extra Strength) Race – Alloy steel, heat treated, protective coating for improved corrosion resistance (Carbon Steel if PTFE Lined) Ball – Alloy steel, heat treated and hard chrome plated

Type of Lubrication:

Requires re-lubrication.

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£125.71Each (exc VAT)

In Stock