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Kukko 17-2 – Separator With Quick Clamping Pressure Spindle for Pulling 22-115mm

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For removing ball bearings, roller bearings, inner races and other tight parts if there is not enough space to use pulling hooks. Min pulling dia 22mm, max pulling dia 115mm.

Typical Application

Dismantling and assembling input shaft, from gearbox – Volkswagen Golf MK4

Servicing rear axle (vehicles with front wheel drive) – Volkswagen Golf MK3

Mounting sequence (gearbox) – Skoda Octavia MK1

Dismantling and assembling pinion shaft (output shaft) – Audi A4 Cabriolet MK2

Servicing bearings for Torsen differential – Audi A4 Cabriolet MK2

Optimal adjustment of the spindle to the shaft with 2-sided spindle tip (ball and tip).
With quick-clamping pressure spindle.
The sharp blades enable flush parts to be removed where pulling jaws cannot be used.
The wedge-shaped separator jaws are secured underneath the component to be removed.
The large supporting surfaces protect the parts to be pulled.

Easy to use, as the separator jaws are quickly and centrally tensioned with just one pressure spindle.
Ultimate stability when removing, as the separator and pulling device are screwed firmly together.
Almost all components available as replacement parts, time-saving order process thanks to numbering system.

Has to be accompanied with
18-2 Pulling device
18-2-B Hydraulic pulling device(including mechanical pressure screw)

How it works
The wedge-shaped separator jaws are secured underneath the component to be removed.
Separate the part by tightening the quick clamping pressure spindle.
The flat surfaces of the separator blades are used to remove sensitive parts without damaging them. The separator blades provide a larger supporting surface to prevent the parts from twisting.
For removal, the tension bolts on the pulling device series 18 have to be screwed into the separator.
The part is removed by tightening the spindle against the end of the shaft.

Spare part
618105 Mechanical pressure spindle.
17-2-T Cross-beam
17-2-06 Spindle
017235 Side bolt complete

Part of
17-B Separating-set with quick clamping pressure spindle
WT-019 Puller product range – separating

Spare part of
17-B Separating-set with quick clamping pressure spindle

Safety information
If several parts have to be removed, always follow a step-by-step process. Do not remove several parts at the same time.
The separator blades’ support surfaces must always sit fully beneath the part to be removed.
Do not use any electrical or pneumatic servo screwdrivers or hammer drills.
Protective blanket required.
Protective goggles required.

£138.32Each (exc VAT)

Out Of Stock