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Kukko 20-10+ Universal 2-jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws 100x120mm

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Kukko Universal 2-jaw puller with quick adjusting jaws for removing bearings, gears, discs, etc leg length 120mm maximum pulling diameter 100mm.

Typical Application

  • Dismantling and assembling differentials – Seat Leon MK2

Standard pulling hook with quick adjusting capability quick adjust.
Pulling hooks with infinite adjustment on the cross-beam.
Two-arm design for space-saving operation.
Parallel pulling hooks in every position, even with full load.
Mechanical pressure screw.
Milled thread treated with special coating.
Strong design, high performance and long service life.
Quality made in Germany

How it works
The part due to be removed (e.g. a gear, pulley or ball bearing) is gripped from the outside. Tightening of the pressure screw and the resulting pressure removes the part from the shaft.
The puller must be positioned centrally for centre shafts. If the shaft is not sitting centrally, the parts can be removed asymmetrically with pullers with parallel pulling hooks.

Safety information
The pulling hooks’ sliding parts must always sit stably and fully on the cross-beam.
If several parts have to be removed, always follow a step-by-step process. Do not remove several parts at the same time.
The pulling hooks’ support surfaces must always be straight and sit fully beneath the part to be removed.
Do not use any electrical or pneumatic servo screwdrivers or hammer drills.
Protective blanket required.
Protective goggles required.

£77.78Each (exc VAT)

In Stock