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Kukko 204-2 – Universal 2-Jaw Puller with Side Clamp

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For removing particularly tight ball bearings, bearing rings and workpieces. Leg length 100mm, max pulling dia 100mm.

Typical Application

Dismantling (gearbox) – Volkswagen Polo MK5

Dismantling and assembling differentials – Audi A3MK2

Wheel bearing, suspension strut, driveshaft assembly: removing and fitting – Seat Leon MK2


With integrated clamp.
Mechanical pressure screw.
Milled thread treated with special coating.

Clamps increase the pressure of the hooks significantly.
Spindle head band prevents the wrench from slipping off.
Safe, fast and efficient disassembly.
Almost all components available as replacement parts, time-saving order process thanks to numbering system.
Note: Pressure pads from series 600-17 are a good addition if the shaft is hollow and the spindle cannot be supported.

How it works
The part due to be removed is gripped from the outside.
Tighten the clamps to press the hooks around the workpiece.
Tightening of the pressure screw and the resulting pressure removes the part from the shaft.
Note: Make sure that the clamps have been tightened during the process.

Spare part
621130 Mechanical pressure spindle.
204-2-T Cross-beam
204-2-100-P 2 pulling jaws (pair)
204201 Complete clamp

Safety information
Do not use any electrical or pneumatic servo screwdrivers or hammer drills.
Protective goggles required.

£121.95Each (exc VAT)

In Stock