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LOCTITE 380/50G – Instant Adhesive

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Loctite 380/50G – Instant Adhesive

Loctite 380 is a rubber toughened adhesive with increased flexibility and peel strength along with enhanced resistance to shock.

Product Description

Technology: Cyanoacrylate
Chemical Type: Ethyl cyanoacrylate
Appearance (uncured): Black liquid
Components: One part – requires no mixing
Viscosity: Medium
Cure: Humidity
Application: Bonding
Key Substrates: Metals, Plastics and Rubbers

Typical Curing Performance
Under normal conditions, the atmospheric moisture initiates the curing process. Although full functional strength is developed in a relatively short time, curing continues for at least 24 hours before full chemical/solvent resistance is developed.

Cure Speed vs. Substrate
The rate of cure will depend on the substrate used. The table below shown in the data sheet below shows the fixture time achieved on different materials at 22°C / 50% relative humidity. This is defined as the time to develop a shear strength of 0.1 N/mm².

Cure Speed vs. Bond Gap
The rate of cure will depend on the bondline gap. Thin bond lines result in high cure speeds, increasing the bond gap will decrease the rate of cure.

Cure Speed vs. Activator
Where cure speed is unacceptably long due to large gaps, applying activator to the surface will improve cure speed. However, this can reduce ultimate strength of the bond and therefore testing is recommended to confirm effect.

Typical Performance of Cured Material

After 24 hours @ 22°C
Lap Shear Strength, ISO 4587:
Steel (grit blasted): N/mm² 26 (psi) (3,770)

Aluminum (etched): N/mm² 18 (psi) (2,610)

ABS: N/mm² >6 (psi) (>870)

PVC: N/mm² >4 (psi) (>580)

Polycarbonate: N/mm² >5 (psi) (>725)

Phenolic: N/mm² 10 (psi) (1,450)

Neoprene: N/mm² >10 (psi) (>1,450)

Nitrile: N/mm² >10 (psi) (>1,450)

Tensile Strength, ISO 6922:
Steel (grit blasted): N/mm² 18.5 (psi) (2,700)

After 48 hours @ 22°C
Lap Shear Strength, ISO 4587:
Steel (grit blasted): N/mm² ≥17.2 (psi) (≥2,495)

Please store this product in the unopened container in a dry location.
Further storage information may be indicated on the product container labeling.

General information
This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials.

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£48.32Each (exc VAT)

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