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NMB ABWTE12V-1 Spherical Plain Bearing Wide Series Stainless Steel .750 Bore 1.375 OD .875 BW .630 BW

Part Number: ABWTE12V-1(J)

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E-Type Spherical Plain Bearings

Our NMB ABWTE(V)-1 Series Spherical Plain Bearings are an ultra high performance, stainless steel, extra wide series bearing.

Where is the NMB ABWTE12V-1 used?

The car applications that ABWTE12V-1 Spherical Plain Bearings are directly used for:

– Formula 1
– LMP (LeMans Prototype)
– WRC (World Rally Championship)
– WRX (World Rally Cross)

It can be used for other classes of Race cars to improve suspension and ultimately, track time.

Why ABWTE12V-1?

It’s adaptable construction (some sizes available in metric series) with a special reinforced, enriched PTFE fabric liner sliding surface; enables higher radial load capabilities, longer life and lower friction under load than comparably sized bearings. The E-Type series also offers higher operating temperatures (180°C compared to 120°C on standard items) making the E-Type range the ultimate imperial series Spherical Plain Bearing for high end Motorsport and Racing applications.

.750 (3/4″) Bore, 1.375 (1.3/8″) OD, .875 (7/8″) BW, .562 (5/8″) HW

Retention Method

Race – 440C Stainless Steel
Ball – 410 Stainless Steel (super finished)

Type of Lubrication:
Reinforced, Enriched PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) lined

This series is available in 1/16″ incremental bore sizes from 0.1900″ to 1.000″ and is also available with a staking groove (suffix V).

For anything else, please call us on: +44 (0) 1932 225 777 or leave us a message here to discuss your requirements NMB ABWTE12V-1 Spherical Plain Bearings.

£77.83Each (exc VAT)

Out Of Stock