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NMB MBWTE10 Spherical Plain Bearing Wide Series Stainless Steel 10mm Bore 21mm OD 12.5mm BW 10.5mm HW

Part Number: MBWTE10(J)

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E-Type Spherical Plain Bearings

Our NMB MBWTE Series Spherical Plain Bearings are an ultra high performance, stainless steel, extra wide series bearing.

Where is this used?
The car applications that MBWTE10 Spherical Plain Bearings are directly used for:

– Formula 1
– LMP (LeMans Prototype)
– WRC (World Rally Championship)
– WRX (World Rally Cross)

It can be used for other classes of Race cars to improve suspension and ultimately, track time.

Why MBWTE10?
It’s adaptable construction (available in imperial series) with a special reinforced, enriched PTFE fabric liner sliding surface; enables higher radial load capabilities, longer life and lower friction under load than comparably sized bearings. The E-Type series also offers higher operating temperatures (180°C compared to 120°C on standard items) making the E-Type range the ultimate metric series Spherical Plain Bearing for high end Motorsport and Racing applications.

10mm Bore, 21mm OD, 12.5mm BW, 10.5mm HW

Retention Method
Circlip / Snap Ring

Race – 440C Stainless Steel
Ball – 410 Stainless Steel (super finished)

Type of Lubrication:
Reinforced, Enriched PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) lined

This series is also available with a staking groove (suffix V).

£56.30Each (exc VAT)

Out Of Stock