ABC & NEO...its Official!

Autosport Bearings and Components are the sole distributor of NEO Synthetic Products in Europe and have been delivering NEO products since July to the Eurotech and Airwaves Racing Teams, both in the British Touring Car Championship.

Andrew Jordan is using NEO Products for the remainder of 2013!

 ABC Autosport Bearings & Components and NEO...its Official!

Andrew Jordan


Eurotech Racing are pleased to work alongside Neo Synthetics for the rest of the 2013 season. Championship leader Andrew Jordan, was quoted after he had changed to the Superdot 610 racing brake fluid, “We changed our brake fluid before Silverstone race weekend and I was impressed with the consistency of the brake pedal after a race run”.



Airwaves Racing are lovin’ NEO Products!

 ABC Autosport Bearings & Components and NEO...its Official!

Airwaves Racing

“Airwaves Racing is proud to be working with Neo Synthetics. As a front-running race team, we are constantly developing and improving our cars and this new partnership with Neo Synthetics helps us to gain an edge over our rivals” – Oly Collins, Airwaves Racing Team Manager – Airwaves Racing



NEO Synthetics – leader in Synthetic Oils for FIVE decades

ABC Autosport Bearings & Components and NEO...its Official!

ABC Autosport Bearings & Components and NEO…its Official!

The future of NEO Synthetics holds unlimited possibilities in the development of all types of synthetic lubrication.


NEO Synthetics are proud partners with Eurotech and Airwaves Racing in the British Touring Car Championship this year. NEO Synthetics, now in its 43rd year is looking to accelerate the teams with state of the art lubrication for their engines, wheel bearings and transmissions.


“It is important for NEO to work with top class race teams, to allow us to improve our products from the technical data we collect from racing and testing. Using Neo products all over the car; Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Brake Fluid, Wheel and C/V Grease & Keep Cool – will give teams a performance advantage. With our partners Autosport Bearings and Components, #TheMotorsportSpecialists NEO Synthetic Oils looks to be on the podium on race weekends.” Paul Baker, Owner and President of NEO Synthetic Oil Co. USA


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